Patient VM

Like many seniors, 79-year-old Volf looks forward to a pleasurable retirement. However, he has had much difficulty with his back. Several years prior to seeing us, Volf had a lumbar laminotomy. This is a procedure to decompress a degenerated lumbar spine. Unfortunately, his pain returned after surgery. Volf subsequently underwent a handful of injection procedures. However, his pain only returned. After coming to the institute, we performed specialized diagnostic testing on Volf that determined most of his pain was coming from the low lumbar joints. These joints had become arthritic and stressed from many years of wear and tear. Once we determined the source of his pain, we performed a highly specialized endoscopic surgical procedure called extradural nerve avulsion (EDNA). In this procedure, a tiny incision is used to relieve the pain coming from the arthritic lumbar joints. After surgery Volf noted 70% relief of his back pain and now continues to look forward to being an active senior.

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