Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Spine and Neck Surgery

How are your results with endoscopic spine surgery?

We believe that patients are the ones that are most qualified to tell us how they did after surgery. When you come to our office for a consultation you’ll see that we ask you to fill out several forms. These forms are used to determine your pain and the level of disability caused by your spinal condition. These forms are important to us because we use them to measure our results later on. So, in reality, it’s really the patients that are telling us how we did. Unlike many surgeons, we ask that you return to us often. We strive to see all of our surgical patients at least up to a year. Even after a year you’ll fill out the same forms so we can see how we did in the long run.

We strive to be transparent about our results. Consequently, we often will present our results in scientific medical meetings. Scientific medical meetings are a venue used by physicians to exchange ideas and information. Presentations are peer reviewed, meaning that they are evaluated for importance, relevance and accuracy prior to allowing the presentation.

In July 2015 our results 6 months to 12 months after surgery for herniated lumbar discs were accepted for presentation at the Spine Intervention Society scientific meeting. We reported a greater than 80% success rate in treating back pain and leg pain, comparable to that seen with larger surgeries. In July 2013 we presented our results treating back joint arthritis with endoscopic surgery at the annual meeting of the International Spine Intervention Society. We reported a 100% success rate in reducing disability and pain. In February 2014 we presented our results in treating low back pain due to disc herniation with newer forms of endoscopic surgery at the annual meeting of the American Society of Spine Radiology. We reported a success rate of 94%, based on self-reported patient questionnaires. We look forward to presenting our ongoing results in future scientific medical meetings and to publishing our results in respected medical journals.

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