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Back Surgery in Los Angeles

When it comes to back surgery, patients in the Los Angeles area have many choices. Today, lumbar discectomy and spinal fusion procedures can be performed through tiny incisions as out-patient procedures. With so many choices, how does a patient choose a procedure or surgeon?

It’s important to know the doctor’s qualifications, training and experience doing the procedure that’s being proposed. How often does the surgeon do the procedure? Are results recorded and tracked? Importantly, the doctor should earn your trust. You should feel 100% comfortable in your choice. You should also make sure you’re happy with your surgery. Large surgeries can now be performed as small procedures. Ask your surgeon if he can do these minimally invasive procedures. Not all minimally invasive procedures are the same though and you should be able to compare them. The doctor should describe your surgery in detail. You’ll want to know if normal structures will be injured at surgery. Lastly, ask your doctor if your pain can be fixed without fusion, allowing your spine to move normally after surgery.

Our Mission Statement

The Minimally Invasive Spine Institute provides state of the art therapies for those with spinal neck and back pain.  Since our procedures are less invasive, we can deliver care in an outpatient environment, reducing costs and getting patients back to pain free living sooner.

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Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Dr. Rappard’s Los Angeles Minimally Invasive Spine Institute performs state of the art spine surgery designed to make your back pain, neck pain or sciatica go away faster. We only perform back surgery and neck surgery that is ultra-minimally invasive. We use sophisticated high resolution cameras placed through natural openings in the spine, miniaturized surgical instruments and a spine laser, all inserted through a tiny skin incision. Our minimally invasive spine surgery is done without cutting or disrupting normal muscles, ligaments or bone. As a result, your recovery is much quicker. After your surgery your body can concentrate on healing from your condition, not healing from the traumatic effects of surgery. Whether it’s for state of the art sciatica treatment, back pain or neck pain, the institute has specialized techniques that can get you better faster.